Randi D. Rotjan - Curriculum vitae - selected highlights


Present. Associate Research Scientist. New England Aquarium, Research Department, Boston, MA.

2007-2010. Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Cambridge, MA. Microbial ecology of tubeworm symbionts in the deep-sea. Dr. Colleen Cavanaugh

2007 Ph.D., Tufts University, Department of Biology, Medford, MA.
The patterns, causes, and consequences of parrotfish corallivory in Belize. Dr. Sara Lewis

1999 B.S., Cum laude, Cornell University, Division of Biological Sciences, Neurobiology and Behavior, Ithaca, NY.
Work allocation of honeybee pollen foraging behavior. Dr. Tom Seeley


· Scientific Advisory Board Member, Phoenix Islands Protected Area
· Editorial Board Member, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology: http://www.elsevier.com/
· Editorial Board Member, Coral Reefs:
· Editorial Board Member, Aquatic Biology: http://www.int-res.com/journals/ab/
· Scientific Reviewer for PLoS One, PLoS Biology, Ecology, Biology Letters, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Coral Reefs, Marine Biology, Botanica Marina, Oecologia, Behaviour, Neotropical Ichthyology, Annales Zoologici Fennici, Aquatic Biology, Marine Biotechnology, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Journal of Zoology
, etc.
· Session Organizer: Surf and Turf: Establishing New Paradigms by Integrating Theory and Forging Partnerships between Marine and Terrestrial Ecology. Co-chair: Josh Idjadi. Ecological Society of America, Albuquerque, NM. (2009)·
· Founder, New England Coral Reef Science Salon Series

RECENT PUBLICATIONS (past 5 years). For a complete list of publications, click here.

Dimond, JL, AH Kerwin, RD Rotjan, K Sharp, FJ Stewart, and DJ Thornhill. 2013. A simple temperature-based model predicts the upper latitudinal limit of the temperate coral Astrangia poculata. Coral Reefs 1-9, in press. Click here

Rotjan RD and JA Idjadi. 2013. Surf and Turf: Toward better synthesis by cross-system understanding. Oikos 122(2): 285-287 Click here

Newman, RM and RD Rotjan. 2013. Re-examining the fundamentals of grazing: freshwater, marine, and terrestrial similarities and contrasts (Commentary on Burkepile 2013). Oikos 122(2): 317-320 Click here

Edquist, SK and RD Rotjan. 2012. Testing vacancy chain predictions in Pagurus longicarpus hermit crabs: Does ecological gain and behavioral motivation match environmental context? Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 430: 78-86 Click here

Thornhill, DJ, RD Rotjan, BD Todd, GC Chilcoat, R Iglesias-Prieto, DW Kemp, TC LaJeunesse, J McCabe Reynolds, GW Schmidt, T Shannon, ME Warner, and WK Fitt. 2011. A connection between colony biomass and death in Caribbean reef-building corals. PLoS One 6(12): e29535 Click here

Rotjan, RD and JL Dimond. 2010. Discriminating causes from consequences of persistent parrotfish corallivory. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 390(2): 188-195 Click here

Berumen, ML and RD Rotjan. 2010. New records of corallivory in the Red Sea. Coral Reefs 29(3): 727. Click here

Rotjan, RD, JR Chabot, & SM Lewis. 2010. Social context of shell acquisition in Coenobita clypeatus hermit crabs. Behavioral Ecology 21(3): 639-646 Click here

Highlighted: 4-3-10 www.boston.com Click here and 15+ other news sites

Rhyne, A, RD Rotjan, A Bruckner, and M Tlusty. 2009. Crawling to collapse: Ecologically unsound ornamental invertebrate fisheries. PLoS ONE; 4(12): e8413 Click here

Highlighted: Nature News 2009 doi:10.1038/news.2009.1163 Click here

Highlighted: 3-22-10 New York Times Science Times cover Click here

Lewis, SM and RD Rotjan. 2009. Vacancy chains provide aggregate benefits to Coenobita clypeatus hermit crabs. Ethology 115 (4): 356-365. Click here

Rotjan, RD and SM Lewis. 2009. Reproductive fitness consequences of parrotfish predation on a tropical reef-building coral. Marine Biology 156: 569-577. Click here

For a complete publication list, click here.

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